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Use These 10 Tips To Kickstart Your YouTube Channel

For the last few years, I’ve been vlogging parts of my life with the big goal of keeping memories for later. Little did I know that this habit would one day turn me into a YouTuber. Throughout my last 6 months on my YouTube channel, I’ve learned many things – some related to the actual content, but a lot related to the mindset needed to stick with it. I’ll be sharing 10 tips that will help you if your YouTube channel is just starting out.

1 – Be Consistent About Posting Your Videos

I can’t tell you how important this is – whether or not you think that the video is as good as can be, POST! In order to improve, you must create. The more you create, the more you improve. The more you improve, the more you succeed. You get it.

2 – What You DON’T Post Is Just As Important As What You Do Post 

A very important skill to have is being able to understand which pieces of content deserve to go into your video and which don’t. Be extremely selective with what you feel is best by thinking “what would someone who doesn’t know me like to watch?”

3 – You Can Make Incredible Videos With Your Phone 

The point here is to understand that having the best equipment in the world won’t necessarily make your videos great. There are many other skills, talents and abilities that you need to be a great YouTuber.

4 – Tell A Story  

Following up on the previous point, learn how to tell a story. It doesn’t matter what equipment you use, as long as you can tell a story that captivates your audience, you will succeed. If your YouTube channel has a compelling story, it’s much more likely to attract the right audience. They’ll already be invested in your story, and will continue to follow along as you grow.

5 – Don’t Neglect Audio 

While you may not need the best camera equipment, one thing you can’t afford is bad audio. Make sure that what you say (and what anyone else in your video says) can be clearly heard.

6 – Keep Your Editing Process Simple 

Build a workflow for how you edit and create videos in order to have some consistency. The one thing that can turn you off from YouTube is the sheer amount of time it takes to edit a single video. Make it easy on yourself.

7 – SEO Is Your Best Friend As A Beginner

SEO is important for all categories of YouTubers, but especially for beginners. Make sure that you take SEO into account for your titles, tags and descriptions.

8 – Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Everybody has their own success story, problem, and journey. Don’t get caught up in comparing yourself to people, because everyone’s experience is different. Write your own story and don’t worry about anyone else’s.

9 – Don’t Let Negative Comments Get To You 

The only people who will want to tear you down are those who are doing less than you.

Don’t ever question what you’re doing, who you are, or what your goals are just because someone else decided they’d take a crack at ruining your day.

10 – Share & Engage 

Share your content on other social platforms like FacebookReddit and Instagram. Engage with people who comment on your videos, find similar channels to you and comment on their videos as well. Create your own community and stay consistent.

All of these tips are just a few things I’ve learned in my first months as a video creator, and they will surely help you on your own journey to online stardom. If you’re looking for more YouTube tips, social media guidance, or business advice, we’ve got plenty more in our blog.

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