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Try These 3 Simple Instagram Posts To Grow Your Brand’s Profile

If you’re looking to make new posts to help certify your brand as an Instagram expert, look no further. 

While there are billions of users on Instagram, many of them don’t have an engaged audience because they post the wrong kinds of content. 

Whether you’re a brand just starting out on Instagram or one who has been on the platform for a while, these 3 simple post ideas should help you clarify your message and reach new audiences.

1 – The Twitter Post

If you’ve ever stumbled upon the Instagram profiles of extremely successful self-improvement figures, you’ve surely seen the Twitter post many times. 

To create a Twitter post, you would need to first log on to Twitter, create a new “Tweet,” and once posted, screenshot that Tweet. You can then directly take that screenshot and post it to Instagram. 

This is a solid example to explain the efficiency of batching your content creation. You can plan out a few Twitter posts for your brand’s Twitter account and then simply screenshot each of them to Instagram. 

If your brand wants to venture onto more creative side of things, you can also consider using Canva. Canva is a great option to help design the background of your Twitter posts. 

2 – An Educational Carousel

Continuing with the idea of using Canva – you can actually create an entire carousel post on Instagram with them. You can post one of these every week for your audience to see. 

The educational carousel is a fantastic way to provide value to your audience. Far too often on platforms like Instagram and Tiktok, we see viral content attributed to posts that offer zero value.

While I can’t promise that your educational content will go viral, it will certainly be shared and saved by your audience. In other words, it will hopefully be therefore seen by your followers’ audiences.

You can create educational content around virtually anything. The idea is that you make one title post and on each subsequent post is a lesson associated with your title. For example, your title can be “6 ways to grow on Instagram” and each next carousel slide is a way to grow). 

3 – Get Personal

Instagram is a visual platform and people respond much better to personal posts. Users enjoy posts of human beings versus graphics like the previous two posts I suggested.

That doesn’t mean that you can only choose one and not the other, though. Each post has its own value and mixing them will usually yield the highest results. 

In a personal post, you need to include a headshot of someone in your brand. It could be you if you’re a one-man show, but if you aren’t, consider featuring members of your team. This gives your audience a personal insight into the lives of those running the show. 

The Bottom Line

Instagram is a platform that people come to both learn and be entertained. If you can create posts that achieve one of those two outcomes, people will follow you and want to hear more from you.

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