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Posting content on social media can sometimes be a mystery. There are so many different ways to grow an audience and so many platforms to take advantage of. You can easily get lost and confused along the way. 

It took me over 4 months and around 30 videos to reach the 1,000 subscriber milestone on YouTube. There are now thousands of creators reaching the same level of followers in days using other social media platforms. 

What this means is that the playing field of user engagement is uneven right now. There are several platforms that you can definitely take advantage of over others. 

In specific, there are 3 social media platforms that can be of great use if you’re looking to help your content blow up quickly. 


The first and most obvious one is Tiktok. Of course, you’ve already heard of it – Tiktok has 130+ million monthly active users in the US alone and it has a well-documented target audience of Gen Zs (16-24 years old). 

I remember posting a video to Tiktok that I briefly made on my iPhone and came back to it a day later. It had already received around 6,500 views, when I only had 60 followers on the platform. 

This means that Tiktok’s algorithm, unlike other established platforms like YouTube and Instagram, is pretty egalitarian. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have – as long as your video is quality, it will be shown to many people. 

Use Tiktok if your content is primarily video-related and if you’re in the business of entertaining or sharing information. I’ve noticed that the most successful Tiktokers do one of, if not both of those aforementioned things.


You may not have heard of Unsplash, but if you’re a photographer and you’re looking for exposure, this is your pot of gold. 

Unsplash is a free photo-sharing platform that distributes pictures based on tags and location. It is a great way to introduce your photos to the world.

The caveat to this service is that you won’t be getting paid much – Unsplash asks that whoever downloads your photos credits you for it. This means that Unsplash doesn’t pay you based on views or downloads.

The good news, however, is that a lot of creators receive jobs, client work, and form new relationships with people interested in their Unsplash work. So while it may not initially pay you the big bucks, being on Unsplash and having your photos receive millions of impressions can have a ton of positive effects on your life in the long run.


Medium is the best writing platform on the internet right now. There, I said it.

It’s a subscription-based platform that allows anyone to join in and create content on their platform. They pay you based on the number of views and readership time of each article.

I’ve heard of many people receiving thousands of views per day on Medium, gaining hundreds of email subscribers, and translating all of that into six-to-seven figure businesses. 

The general rule here is to give yourself 6-12 months of being consistent on Medium to see continued success. This may be a long time for most, but it’s a small price to pay in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Content is king in today’s age, but posting the right content on the right platforms takes the crown. Tiktok, Unsplash, and Medium are all great platforms that will allow your content to be seen by many eyes, even with a small following.


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