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Want to learn how to write incredible Instagram captions? You’ve come to the right place.

An Instagram caption is nowadays treated like a micro blog post. The goal of any caption should be to get the intended message across to the intended audience.

A lot of Instagram users make common mistakes, like not having the right headline, not making the caption interesting, and not using the right hashtags. Because of these mishaps, their posts get lost and thrown into the depths of the Instagram algorithm.

In this post, we’ll go over the essential components of the Instagram caption. By the end of it, you’ll be on your way to creating much more successful micro blog posts.

The Headline

The headline, to me, is the be-all-end-all of a great Instagram post. If you can’t draw your user in with the headline, they’re as good as gone.

In order to write a proper headline, you need to use big, bold words, you need to use searchable keywords, and you need to entice the viewer to scroll further through to your caption.

One time, I wrote a caption that started off with “Goodbye Dad…” and the post was a picture of me smiling without a shirt on.

Now, what do you think the average viewer would do in this situation? They’d click to read more, of course! That headline was actually followed up with “…bod. Dad bod. My Dad is okay, thank God!” and the post was about fitness, not tragedy.

But it was one of my best posts and the reason was that I made it bold and unconventional. Headlines need to be bold and unconventional to do well.

The Body

The body needs to be very well structured and you need to get your points across quickly. The attention span of the average user is extremely short and if you save your best for last, it won’t be seen by many.

Thus, structure your body paragraphs to go from “most important to least important” and include a lot of emojis to highlight any particularly important points.

For example, if you’re making a caption about the time you first created your business idea, consider adding a lightbulb and a surprised face emoji. It makes people gravitate towards the content and gets more eyes to what’s most important.

The Ending

Despite the end being at, well, the end, you should always make sure to put as much effort on it as you do with your headline and body.

Posts that end with CTAs (calls to action) tend to do the best because they initiate a response from the viewer. The reader now goes from a viewer to a contributor, and that tells Instagram’s algorithm to promote your post and show other people, because Instagram wants people to contribute to posts, rather than merely consume them.

Include things like “What did you think?” or “Which would you rather? Picture 1 or 2?” at the bottom of your caption to increase total engagement.

The Bottom Line

A perfect Instagram caption is captained by the headline, and if you can get readers to scroll beyond the title, make sure that your body paragraphs are structured in order of importance, and then cap everything off with a strong CTA.

Check all of those boxes off and you’ve now got yourself a winning Instagram caption.


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