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How To Monetize With 4,000 Watch Hours On YouTube

There can only be one reason why you’re reading this – you’re stuck below 4,000 watch hours on YouTube and you want to monetize your YouTube channel. 

I hear you. Many claim that this is the hardest part of the YouTube journey. If you understand a few simple principles, you’ll be able to start making money in no time. 

Here are 6 tips and tricks to help you monetize on YouTube and accomplish your goal of 4,000 watch hours.

1 – Create Longer Videos 

There is truly a science behind the madness – YouTube favors videos that are longer because they keep viewers on their platform for more time. If you want YouTube to begin recommending your videos to other audiences, you’ll want to create content that can hold a viewer to the screen for extended periods of time. 

2 – Develop Your Storytelling Skills

Let’s be clear here – just because you’re going to make longer videos, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be better. You have to become an excellent storyteller in order to keep your audience interested and engaged. To do this, you can read books, take online courses, or simply practice by posting more videos. 

3 – Be Consistent

Another important part of growing on YouTube (or growing in any facet of your life for that matter) is consistency. This means sticking to your regular posting schedule, whether that be one video per week, one video per fortnight, etc. Your viewers need to know when to expect content from you; disappoint them and they will stop watching (and those 4,000 watch hours will be harder and harder to achieve). 

4 – Share Your Playlists Instead of Your Videos

Building playlists in itself is a fantastic way to keep your audience on your channel. To have an effective playlist, you need to be creating content that builds off one another. Let’s say you’ve got that under control. It’s now time to start sharing those playlists with potential customers/viewers. Instead of letting your Facebook friends know you have a new video, you can share your playlist. Similarly, you can add your playlists as end screens instead of single videos!

5 – Go LIVE! 

If you have a video idea that you would prefer to demonstrate in a live session, this could really draw in a lot of viewers. I recently came across a channel that went live for 6 HOURS as a “study with me” session, and right now that video has 90,000 views. I can only imagine how many watch hours were achieved by that creator. If you’re a musician, try sharing a few hours of your beats. If you’re a photographer, try sharing live Q&As with your audience to teach them something new. The possibilities are endless!

The Bottom Line

4,000 watch hours on Youtube is an incredible accomplishment, and if you want to achieve it in the least amount of time, make sure you implement these tips in your next videos!

Now that you know how to increase your watch hours, let’s get those viewers to subscribe to your channel!

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