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Two Businesses That Have Outstanding Marketing Strategies

In the last few decades, marketing strategies have evolved into one of the most important aspects of running a business. Adding social media to the mix in the past has also made most of us more conscious of both how we are marketed to, and how we can market ourselves to others.

That being said, one of the most important things that your company can do to learn effective marketing is to spend time studying what big brands do.

While you may not have the exact budget that the following brands do, you can still employ their strategies on smaller scales and achieve considerable success.

Let’s take a look at a few brands who are currently crushing it with their marketing with their marketing strategies.

1 – Spotify

While you’re most likely aware of Spotify’s incredible music streaming platform, you might not realize that it’s also delivering one of the best user engagement strategies out there.

As an everyday Spotify user, I know that one of the most enjoyable experiences I get from using the app is having them recommend me playlists based on my mood.

I get to listen to music that allows me to be happy, sad, or quirky, at my convenience. I have also begun to rely on Spotify to help me build my own playlists for when I’m offline and need a mood-quenching playlist.

If anyone in the world is like me (and trust me, there are millions of people who feel this way), they now rely on Spotify to serve music that can help enhance their lives.

That, to me, is a genius strategy – build something that not only makes users happy; it makes them reliant on your service.

2 – GoPro

I’ve been following GoPro for a while now and I’m also a frequent user of their products. Safe to say, I’m a GoPro superfan, and for good reason.

One of the marketing strategies that GoPro uses on their social media is that they mainly repost content from trusted users.

There are a ton of athletes around the world who use GoPro’s products to capture their insane adventures and accomplishments. Rather than have some marketing team at GoPro perform these crazy stunts, GoPro will sponsor adventurers and simply repost their best work to their feed.

The result? You see incredible pictures and videos of insane stunts and it makes you want to buy a GoPro so that you can do it yourself.

What’s amazing is that GoPro sponsoring an athlete is such a small expense, but it yields them amazing return on investment. The athlete will produce tons of content for them out of pure desire, not necessity.

That is how you create repeat customers and superfans by using a unique marketing strategy.

The Bottom Line

Both Spotify and GoPro employ incredible marketing strategies, but their common feature is that their platforms are built for the user. Remember that no matter what you create, if your product/service doesn’t give direct results for the consumer, it will never be able to outlast you.

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