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The Best Ways to Collect Customer Feedback on Instagram

No matter how hard you try, if you want to be successful at selling products to your customers, you must collect customer feedback.

You need to understand what they experience from the moment they stumble upon your website to the moment they check out. 

The more you know about your customers and their habits, the better products and services you can make for them. It will also be to see them come back time and time again to buy from you.

How do you get to know your customers, though? Through collecting customer feedback. Here are 5 simple ways to do so using Instagram.

1 – Monitor Inbox Messages

Customers will either reply to your stories or send you messages inquiring about something specific to your brand. You can find those messages either in your DM inbox or in your “message requests” inbox. 

2 – Create Polls

This is perhaps the easiest way to quickly gauge whether or not your audience is interested in something. Simply post a story and add the “poll” item to create a series of questions for your audience to respond to.

You can use Instagram’s polling feature to learn anything about your audience. You can learn about their day-to-day interests and whether or not they’d purchase a certain product from you.

3 – Let Them Ask You Questions

Another amazing feature for brands in the stories section is the “question” box. This question box is extremely versatile, and you can use it for many different functions. You can ask your audience if they have any questions about your product or getting to know what content they’d like to see from you next.

4 – Read Your Comment Section

Customers will often be quick to ask questions about your products or services when you post about them. As part of your social media presence, you should always ensure that your brand is active in responding to potential customers and your existing audience.

Similar to Google Reviews, leaving a comment on a brand’s page is very common nowadays for both existing and new customers. Make sure that you are always checking the comment section to see what people are saying about your offerings.

5 – See Your “Tagged In” Section

Whatever you’re selling, you can see if people are talking about you by checking your “tagged in” section.

This is usually the third folder on your feed, after your posts and reels sections. You’ll find posts from your users, and you should use those posts as examples of collecting both positive and negative feedback.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, it’s really important that your brand collects customer feedback from any and every platform you’re on. You’re more likely to be successful if you use Instagram. From stories to questions to doing “personal investigation” on your comment section, there are many incredibly simple resources your brand can use to learn from and improve upon.


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