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Author: Daniel B

Two Businesses That Have Outstanding Marketing Strategies

In the last few decades, marketing strategies have evolved into one of the most important aspects of running a business. Adding social media to the mix in the past has also made most of us more conscious of both how we are marketed to, and how we can

The Best 6 Ways To Increase Engagement On Your Content

In the last few years of focusing on my social media business, I’ve come to realize that the key to creating a successful business is to make sure your engagement rates are as high as possible. Most people look at the number of views or followers – vanity

Squarespace vs. WordPress: Which Website Builder Is Better

If you’re new to website design and you’re looking for a platform to build your first (or next) website on, look no further than Squarespace and WordPress. These two web-hosting platforms are at the top of the game when it comes to design and functionality. It can

3 Proven Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales in 2021

Human beings tend to, for the most part, have a fear of missing out. FOMO, as some like to say. Did you know that businesses can actually leverage this in their marketing strategies? Businesses can use FOMO to drive existing and new customers towards their

Who is The Gate?

MARKETING • Marketing Plan.  We’ll outline your marketing efforts for the coming year. • Media Plan.  We come up with a plan to figure out how to best advertise in order to maximize engagements and ROI. • Advertising Media.  We’ll showcase your promotional content in various forms from online

Use These 10 Tips To Kickstart Your YouTube Channel

For the last few years, I’ve been vlogging parts of my life with the big goal of keeping memories for later. Little did I know that this habit would one day turn me into a YouTuber. Throughout my last 6 months on my YouTube channel,

9 Great Tips To Be An Instagram Influencer

The appeal to becoming an Instagram influencer is strong – one successful post can bring you fame and make you thousands of dollars. That being said, influencing isn’t about the money or the fame (at least it shouldn’t be). It’s really about building a tribe


HAVE A COMMUNICATION PLAN Like any other relationship, whether personal or professional, it is essential to have a successful strategy for communication within the team. A lack of communication can make it hard for a manager to recognize performance and engagement right off the bat.


Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, can have a huge impact on your business and is an essential way to grow your online audience. SEO refers to optimizing your website or blog to make it attractive to search engines. In short, this means making changes