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Author: Daniel B

Why Networking is THE BEST Secret Ingredient to Success

All of us have that one networker friend that is always on the go, meeting new people, adding to his connections, and exchanging inspiration with others. Although we may sometimes find them annoying, the lifestyle they lead stems from a winning mentality. We want you

5 Great Rules to Follow for Optimal Team Management

Managing your team is no easy task. Many people find themselves in situations where they are required to lead. As we all know, not everyone is born a leader. That doesn’t mean you can’t be great at team management! Those with a specific set of skills are

How Talent Management Can Help You Soar to Success!

Talent management is essential for your organization if you’re looking to prosper and thrive in a fast-paced corporate environment. This process is a cycle of activities that attracts, engages employees, and retains the best by creating a welcoming work environment. It also allows your talented

New Blogger? These Blog Topics Drive The Most Traffic!

Have you proved yourself in the field of content creation and are now considering starting a blog? Starting your own blog is tempting, but you must give it some thought before launching. You shouldn’t expect to become a successful blogger overnight, but if you know

Choose the Best Management Style to Boost Your Team!

Most organizations in today’s world have taken a more progressive path, and management is no exception. We see more and more default “democratic” behavior wherever we turn our heads, whether we realize it or not. Obviously, we can see that in leadership styles as well.

The Future of Management: Is Directive the Best Strategy?

Choosing the right management style for your business/organization should be one of your top priorities. To do so, you should first be aware of the different types of management out there, as well as how and when to use them. Throughout time, humans have adapted

New to Freelancing? Here’s How To Negotiate Your Rate!

Freelancing can be a flexible career path that allows you to take control of so many aspects of your life that would otherwise be determined by your job. You are can work whenever and wherever you want. Some freelancers work from home, others travel around

Negative Marketing is Actually More Positive Than You Think!

Have you ever wondered why some companies ridicule each other in commercials? Well, if you’re asking yourself this question, I’m here to tell you that this technique is called negative marketing. What is Negative Marketing? Negative marketing is a ploy in which a company sheds light

The Power of Storytelling in Advertising: Transforming Campaigns with "The Gate"

5 Things To Consider Before Launching Your Brand

I started my own brand 7 months ago. Of the many things I’ve learned, none have been more profound than realizing how hard it actually is to build a brand from scratch. This post is going to teach you about 5 things you should consider

Find Your Niche With This Amazing 3-Step Strategy

There is a very fine line between creating a successful brand and an unsuccessful one. Sometimes the entirety of that line falls on determining and labeling your niche. More often than not, businesses fail not because their products or services are subpar, but rather because