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The Best 6 Ways To Increase Engagement On Your Content

In the last few years of focusing on my social media business, I’ve come to realize that the key to creating a successful business is to make sure your engagement rates are as high as possible.

Most people look at the number of views or followers – vanity metrics – and assume that that’s all that matters, but they’re wrong.

What matters most is how long you can keep someone on your content. The longer you can do that, the more interested they are in what you do. In other words, the more likely they are to follow you or buy from you.

That being said, here are 6 social media hacks to help increase your customers’ levels of engagement on your platforms.

1 – Go Live

Livestreams are all the rage right now. By giving your audience a look into what you do without involving any editing, they’re more likely to want to stick around and see the whole picture.

2 – Use Visuals

Just like you were taught in high school, visuals are key to helping your audience stay focused. The most relevant form of content right now is videoWhy? Because it keeps your mind active and your eyes are always enjoying something new.

The last thing you want is to bore your audience, and you can easily do that if you don’t provide them with any compelling visuals.

3 – Tell A Story

The biggest reason why people keep scrolling when they see your content is because it just isn’t interesting enough! Whenever your company releases a new piece of content, make sure it has a compelling story attached to it. Draw the audience in with something relatable, and they will be back for much longer than you’d have expected.

4 – Slide In The DMs

Even though we commonly attribute sliding in the DMs to relationships and love life, if you implement the strategy as a business with your customers, you’ll get to build long-lasting relationships with them.

Humans crave connection, and if you’re willing to have straight-up conversations with members of your audience, they’ll see you as more than just a business; they’ll perceive you as a friend.

And great friendships never die, right?

5 – Curate Your Content

Think target market here. Don’t just create content and hope that it latches onto the desired people; make content specifically for your target audience. That way, you reach more of them, keep them more engaged in your work, and gain a significant batch of new customers.

6 – Use Polls, Contests, Giveaways

On many established social media platforms, you can use specific features to help grow your engagement with your audience.

On Instagram and YouTube for example, you can create polls and ask your followers to submit answers to common questions. If those polls are interesting and relevant to your audience, they’ll continue to come back for more and further check out your content. The same applies for contests and giveaways that you host on your social media accounts

The Bottom Line

Vanity metrics, although important, are not everything. Engagement is key on social media, and with these 6 strategies, you’ll be well on your way to keeping your customers’ eyes glued to your content.

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