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Since it was founded in 2010, Instagram users base is getting larger every day. With millions of users using it every minute, making it one of the most popular social media platforms. That’s why when it comes to your business, you should definitely back it up in your marketing toolbox. Instagram grants many promotional methods for your business, let’s talk about the types of advertisements you can put on Instagram:


This type of ads allows you to speak about your business simply through photos. Since Instagram was basically invented for you to show the world your photos, that make this kind of ad the most common type. Take great care when choosing the right photos for your ad. Relative, attractive, high quality with the best size for each kind of photo is essential.


A more dynamic way to deliver your message. An Instagram video ad can be 60 seconds max and auto-played. You can feature your entire add or part of it (a teaser) with a link to the actual add.


In this kind of ad, the brand or business has the opportunity to promote itself through paid ads that will appear on the targeted audience news feed. The Instagram users can follow the link included in the ad to reach the business account or website.


Let’s all agree that Instagram stories are one of the greatest features of the platform we all enjoy sharing and viewing. This feature is also a great marketing tool to post ads, news, contests, and everything you want to deliver to your audience. However, the story can be out for only 24 hours and can be a photo, a screenshot, or a short video of 15 seconds with a “swipe up” or any other call of action.


This kind of ads allows you a wider space and more time to show more details of your product or brand. You can use up to 10 photos or videos in one post with the ability to add a separate link to each photo or video.

In addition to the formal types of advertisements, you can also promote your business through Instagram influencers. Influencers are active and social impacting individuals with a wide base of followers on social media. Businesses and brands can collaborate with influencers on Instagram to promote their products and services, or to be part of their promotional campaigns. 

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