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What is the first thing you think about when you read or hear the word “MCDONALDS.” I can put all my eggs in one basket that you automatically thought about the Golden Arches along with their famous slogan “I’m lovin it.” Was I right? This is because McDonald’s is one of the most valuable brands in the world. This famous food chain demonstrates the importance of branding for a business and still is an example for many others.

A brand is the overall perception of the company through its customers, their reputation, their advertisements, their employees, and their logo. If all of these aspects are molded well, the brand will thrive. Here are 5 reasons why your business needs good branding.


A successful branding improves the recognition of the company. Often branding will be referred to as the “face” of a business because it is the first thing people recognize.The logo for your business needs to be powerful and it needs to leave a remarkable impression.

The McDonald’s logo did not remain the same throughout history, but it evolved modernly. This is another important point because their branding changed with the growth and development of society. Their Golden Arches now resemble more to the “M” of McDonalds giving it that present-day touch.


In a deceptive world, it is much more difficult to gain the trust of a population. People are more likely to purchase from something that looks legitimate. If your logo is used on multiple items, then the chances that people will feel comfortable with your business are quite high.

Moreover, dedicating time to your website will allow others to have confidence in your business. This will establish credibility since your clientele can inform themselves on your company products and your content will likely answer most of their questions. Also, the consistency of the colors used throughout your website will assure your audience by validating your company and supporting your reputation.

If designing a website to align with your logo and brand identity seems daunting, remember that The Gate can take care of all your web development needs!


Advertising is a crucial component of branding. The methods and locations you choose to advertise are fundamental.

If we take McDonald’s as an example again, their logo is advertised on every aspect of their company. For instance, the famous sign is on the goody bags for birthday parties, on the toys that come with a happy meal, and on the happy meal box itself. It is also on every wrapper or box, in which the food is distributed. Plus, they also have commercials running by the hour and multiple billboards set up. Their brand is whopping great!

Business owners must also take into account the demographic targeted for advertisement. This will help build the brand and set them apart from their competitors. 


Get your employees on board and your brand will achieve the initial goal. If your employees are just as passionate as you, they will want to inspire the public too. They will also want to work towards the goal you want to conquer. After all—two heads are better than one.

Next, help your employees understand your objectives and your reason.They will most likely feel motivated and determined to get the rest of the world to appreciate your business.


By gaining loyal customers through your branding, they will eventually refer you to others. Of course, this can only happen if they have a positive experience. The previous points mentioned feed off each other and are all so relevant to this one. If your brand is recognizable, trustworthy, advertised well, and promoted through your employees, then this will positively impact your original customers and generate new ones.

Choosing the right brand strategy can take years to perfect. Lucky for you, The Gate Agency can create a made-to-measure brand strategy for your business! Contact us today!

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