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Making money from a blog can earn you a profitable income on the side. It can even become a full-time income if you work hard and long enough on it. 

Even more interesting, though, is that both businesses and individuals can develop successful, sustainable businesses through blogging. 

That being said, before you start a blog, knowing what the right blog to start is important. It will play a huge factor into what you sell, how you sell, and who your customers are. 

In this post, I’ll be explaining a few type of ways to start making money from a blog.

1 – Finance Blogs

We commonly associate anything with the word “finance” in it to money, and for good reason. Finance blogs, companies, and social media platforms tend to do the best and also receive the highest amounts of compensation. 

If you’re knowledgeable about finance – anything from investing to personal finance – or if your company works in the finance industry, starting a blog could prove to be a very smart decision in the long run. 

2 – Lifestyle Blogs

Another common type of successful blog is one that has to do with lifestyle. When I think of the term “lifestyle,” I think of any company/individual that works in a field related to dining, shopping, well-being, or a mixture of the three. 

The thing is, everybody wants to live a better life. We’re all on our own “glow-up” mentality, and in order to do so, we need the best tips, resources, and guides. Starting a blog about living a better life could prove to be the solution to many common problems that people face on a daily basis.

3 – Health & Fitness Blogs

The best part about starting a health & fitness blog is that the information you put out will always be valuable. Personally, I still do deep dives into fitness blog posts from 2009, because the science behind getting in shape doesn’t change.

A big component of the health & fitness world is also motivation, which is an evergreen topic in itself. Whether you’re a merchandise company like GymShark or an individual with a strong purpose, helping your audience stay motivated is paramount. 

In addition, there is a lot of potential for affiliate marketing when it comes to health & fitness. There are always new “life-changing” products being released and different trends gaining popularity.

4 – Marketing Blogs

This should come as no surprise, given that you’re currently reading an article on a marketing blog. Marketing is a very important industry with a ton of resources and opportunities available. Starting a blog in this industry can become very profitable in the long run.

On top of that, a marketing blog serves as an introduction to the services your company may offer. It provides proof of concept and reminds your potential customers that you know exactly what you’re doing, and you can help many more people do the same.

(Not hinting at anything here, I promise)

The Bottom Line

In the grand scheme of things, you can make money off of almost any type of blog, but the four listed here are the ones that tend to have the largest audiences and the most potential for financial success.

Even if you don’t prioritize making money from a blog, having one in the first place is so important. It helps you come off as an expert in your niche.


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