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2 Non-Marketing Activities That Will Make You A Better Marketer

Some of the best marketing strategies are unconventional. Let me tell you a funny story.

Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart and one of the richest people on the planet, was once arrested in Brazil for measuring the length between the aisles in the Brazilian supermarkets.

When he was bailed out, he was unsurprisingly asked why he had been pulling his tape measurer out in these supermarkets. His answer was that he wanted to see if they knew something that he didn’t.

As a marketer, you need to think like Sam Walton. You need to start reframing your life in terms of the content you want to put out.

Thinking of your marketing message as a lifestyle instead of a pastime allows you to notice more things around you with regards to your own passion. Start looking at the activities you perform on a daily basis as inspiration for your message. Rather than just doing them without giving any particular thought.

This is how a great marketer differs from an average marketer. By simply reframing your thought process, you will continue to come up with new ideas. If you can turn all these ideas into well-formed stories, you can achieve a multitude of success in your marketing career.

Here are 2 non-marketing activities for you to use your newly reframed mindset towards.

1 – Read

Perhaps the most obvious (and important) activity on this list is to read. Any time you consider opening a book or scrolling through blog posts, you will likely be inspired by their content.

There will be zillions of ideas running through your head, that is a guarantee. The question is, how will you interpret those ideas? You can either acknowledge and not act on the fact that your brain is coming up with innovative topics, titles, and research keywords, or, you can both acknowledge and act on those thoughts.

By simply keeping a pen and paper by your side whenever you make time to read, you will see how you start building a huge list of ideas for your next big hit.

2 – Travel

People often forget about the inspiring chronicles of Eat, Pray, Love. For those who have never heard of this book/movie, I’ll very quickly sum it up. A young woman has an epiphany one day that she isn’t living the right life, so she quits her job, travels the world and becomes a writer.

Heard of that story more than once?

Yeah, so have I. The reason why we keep hearing about it, however, is that it actually does miracles for your creative process.

What I love so much about traveling, and about unconventional travel, in particular, is that it reshapes your worldview. By just taking part in new adventure you come to understand more about yourself, your values, and your desired impact on the world.

If you take all those new thoughts and use them as inspiration for future ideas, you will find success in the near future.

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